Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Wreath Idea

How is it JUNE 23rd????????  I truly feel like this is the beginning of summer!  I have been so caught up with grad work, PD's and catching up on life that I haven't done the laundry list of Summer todo's....such as:  lay mulch, fertilize, finish planting herbs, etc.

So needless to say it's beyond past time for me to create a summer wreath for our door!!!!  I think I found a crisp clean look here.  That I will be attempting in the next few days.


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  3. Cute wreath idea! Can't wait to see yours all done!

  4. cute idea!

  5. That's adorable!!! I need a new wreath for the fall. I might have to try this. Thanks for the follow. The Friday letters thing that you saw me posting about is actually another blog hop. Every Friday people write letters about their week. It's pretty neat. If you want to participate just visit her site!

    It's under construction now, but she has an awesome site. Hope to see you there!